We provide system engineering design solutions from concept to detail engineering phase.

Projects typically include operational plants that require improvement, optimisation or refurbishment.  The scope of the projects can be multidisciplinary and include process, electrical, structural, piping and mechanical engineering features in combination or it can be pure mechanical engineering work.  Alternatively the customer can come to us with a problem statement requesting us to develop concept solutions.

Through each system development phase we provide comprehensive package solutions that enable our client to make decisions for further development and or implementation.

During conceptual design studies we look at the available technologies, define system functional and performance requirements, consider high level maintenance strategies and provide life cycle cost prediction and estimates for further development.

During the feed phase we take it further in developing engineering diagrams, technical specifications, multidisciplinary design criteria and layouts.  The system performance measures, maintenance functions and life cycle cost evaluations are further developed.

During detail engineering we develop feed phase specifications further and issue detail engineering deliverables that typically include the following:

Process design

Mechanical design & drawings

Piping design & drawings

Technical specifications for equipment

Structural design & drawings

Purchase order preparation and placement

Detailed maintenance plan and strategy

Logistical support plans

Testing requirements

Our indicated services are based on 13 years’ experience in the execution of projects for the petrochemical environment.